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Алина Мокеева
Earlier English language for me was the subject which is quite boring and not interesting. I didn`t like learn something about English and I always slept on lessons at school. However, having come to Big Ben     Club I realized that the process of learning languages actually is very useful and give pleasure.
   A lot of teachers had worked with me. I would like to thank everyone.
   Dear teachers, each of you has made a huge contribution and give a part of your soil in the fact that English has become a big part of my life. Thank you for that!
   The language school BBC organizes internships in different English-speaking countries. Study abroad, being in full immersion and communication with native speakers provide a great experience for students. Such type of study gave me good practice in English, a large store of knowledge and a lot of positive emotions.
   Thanks a million!
I`d like to wish BBC all the best and a further prosperity!
   With love,
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