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Елена Федотова
I am Fedotova Ellen and I am finishing school in this year(2016).
   So, I had been studying at school number 3 for 11 years. I found Big Ben Club 3 years ago when I was just walking down the street. I really like the banner so I decided to come into and to know what it was. After a few days I started studying here. Natalia Vladimirovna was my first teacher and all the lessons with her were hilarious and interesting. I’ve learned so much in 1 year and want to thank my first teacher for this amazing experience. Then I have begun studying with Iveta and she is the best teacher I have ever had! She is understandable, clever and kind, I feel really bad for stopping our lessons. I hope that two these teachers will continue their great careers and will get more good students. Also, I have been studying French for 2 years and I would like to thank Natalia Eduardovna for nice and absorbing classes! I will miss all the students and teachers who used to study with me! There were the best 3 years in my life!
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