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Катя Канева
Hello Everyone! My name is Ekaterina, but you can call me Kate. Some of you may know me. However, don’t worry if you don’t. My journey to England began many years ago. Just like each one of you I started learning basic grammar before going to the UK. If you are persistent and keep working hard it will pay off in the end. I’m sure spelling tests are your favourite! Just like me, when you got it wrong you had to write numerous lines of the same word over and over again. My advice would be to keep doing it! You might not like it right now, but in the future you will understand that it is helpful. For all the hard work I should thank a certain special person. You may have guessed who that is ;) We should all be thankful to Nat for all the hard work she has done for all of us. Furthermore, you never know where the future may lead you to. Like me, you might end up living in the UK or somewhere in Europe. Even if you stay in Russia what you’ll learn at Big Ben will still be beneficial.
   Over 10 years ago was the first time I visited the UK. At the start it was difficult. Nevertheless, you learn to understand English pronunciation. It was a great experience back then. After that I seriously started thinking to study in the UK on a more permanent basis. From the age of 15 I moved to Eastbourne. Within the time I’ve been living in the UK I managed to get a much better accent. Even though I don’t sound completely British, it is still a huge progress. All in all I have been living in the UK for almost 10 years. Within this time I have graduated from Queen Mary University of London. Currently I am holding a Bachelor’s degree in Politics with Business Management. Most of my time in the UK I have lived in Oxford. It is a lovely and historic place that I fell in love with. In addition, as some may know I am getting married on 10th September. I have been engaged to my fiancé for almost 2 years. The reason why you can stay engaged for so long is pretty simple. Some of the wedding venues have lovely waiting lists. This was my case. Our wedding reception is Blenheim Palace. I am sure that some may have heard of this place. It is approximately 25 mins away from Oxford located in Woodstock. This place was Winston Churchill’s residency where he was born. The wedding preparations have been quite something. I had to organise a number of things such as transport, decorations, evening entertainment, caterers and many other things. To take my mind off this I’ve been training at a cross fit gym. All the hard work is paying off before the wedding.
   In the end I would like to say that working hard will pay off in the end! I know I have repeated myself on this, but it is true. You will have a number of difficulties on your way, but that is what will make you stronger! PS: more photos after the wedding.
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