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Тимур Наумов
Hello! 3 months ago I moved to Voronezh and now I live here. I am a student at the university with a long name (this is a reason why I can't tell you the name of it) on a faculty, called "Banking". Unfortunately, English lessons here are not as good, as yours (last week we learned to ask simple questions, for example "He has a dog. Who has a dog?"), so I have to study English on my own (I'm going to read "Alice in Wonderland" in English soon, maybe it'll help not to forget the language). I'd like to find a tutor in English, but university takes too much time and I'm always busy (sometimes Biology teacher gives us(me and my groupmates) tons of information for a lesson and wants us to retell it word by word). Studying here is hard, but I feel the responsibility, which lies on my shoulders, and work hard (you will be shocked - I became punctual!). Frankly speaking, I miss your lessons, because BBC was the only place, where somebody could understand what I say (of course in English). Yeah, it was great to be your student. Best wishes from Voronezh!
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