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Никита Проценко
This year I’m finishing studying at Big Ben Club.
   I came to Big Ben Club when I was in 10th grade at my school, Ukhta Technical Lyceum. To tell you the truth, 1 year ago I didn’t have good knowledge of English language. Although I had terrible skills, Natalia Vladimirovna agreed to teach me and now I’m very grateful for accepting me. I have a lot of unforgettable memories connected with my studying at Big Ben Club. My English has been improved my English perfectly, so now I can communicate with other people without any trouble. I have met a lot of interesting people and made new friends.
   I’d like to say thanks to Natalia Vladimirovna. I’ve reached a good level of English because of her efforts and professional skills. I believe that studying at Big Ben Club will help my dreams and ambitions come true.
   I’d like to wish everyone to come and study at Big Ben Club because this place has helped me a lot and can be helpful for everyone who wants to connect the whole life with the languages.
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