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Варвара Виданская
I came to Big  Ben in August’14 after 3 years of studying in Interlingua. My good friend and classmate recommended me to go there. So, we all came together and we were in one group.
I have been studying here for almost 4 years.
I really like the atmosphere here. But more than that, I like that we are learning English more by talking, but not by doing a lot of routine exercises from lesson to lesson.
It’s not a good luck to talk about your future, but I can say that my education program will be connected with learning languages and improving my level of English. I’m thankful for all knowledge I have received here.
As a recommendation for future students, I want to say that you should just work hard and keep going. There is no way to reach your goal without hard work. As all we know, no pain – no gain! Good luck!
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