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Данил Зиганшин
I started my studies in a language school 7 years ago, when I was just entering the 5th grade. The level of my English at that time was below zero, and this is absolutely certain. I could not answer the phrase "Hello. What is your name? How are you?" Because I did not understand a single word.

Through the years, I still remember my first lesson at Big Ben. I started studying not from the beginning of the school year like the other groupmates, so I missed some topics. And I got on the lesson about "Food". I was asked to read a word from a textbook, and I was completely shocked, because I had never seen such a long word, but I also had to read it somehow. It was the word "mushroom", and I read it as "musor"(rubbish) in Russian. Like that my first lesson passed: a mistake on a mistake. And if I made up the knowledge rating in a group - I would be at the bottom. Each lesson I was so worried that I wasn’t as smart as the others, that I did not even remember my first teacher’s name. Then for a few lessons I caught up with all the missed topics and became equal with the others already. And by the end of the school year I moved to a group with a higher level.

New group. New surroundings. New teacher. From that moment I was under the wing of Natalia Vladimirovna. The first few lessons I doubted that this woman was generally Russian. She spoke English as if she had done it since childhood. And at that moment I realized what I should strive for.

Classes, annual festivals, mass of extracurricular entertainment ... and so flew several years of studying.

And in 2016, after the summer holidays, I came to classes and found out that I since that moment I have another teacher. I did not yet know who it was, but I was already very upset that it was not Natalya Vladimirovna. I sat next to the office, waiting for the start of the lesson. And here comes a miniature girl with a sweet and welcoming smile. It was Iveta Azizovna. She embraced the whole group from the first lesson. And I realized that she would not be at all like she did with Natalia Vladimirovna. Iveta gave a bunch of happy moments and became a true friend.

In the summer of 2018, I find out that Iveta is moving to St.Petersburg... Frankly, I shed a tear. I was very attached to her and couldn’t imagine how to study further without her.

Then I find out that I will be studying with Natalia Vladimirovna again. After so many years. This is the only news that pleased me after Iveta left.

The teachers of Big Ben are able to make the school a second home. They become our closest friends. They worry about us and are always ready to help.

Big Ben gave me not only knowledge, but also a huge amount of memories. Thanks to Big Ben, I can think about how to build my future in another country.

Thank you, I love you very much
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