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Елена Маврина
This is the story about my Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, about very big project “Sochi 2014”!

  The story started little less than 7 years ago, when our country was qualified to hold the 22th Winter Olympic and 11th Paralympic Games.
  I remember that I sat that July’s night near the TV and with sinking heart waited the result of voting. And after that I had heard about the winning our country I started to cry.
  I don’t know why the Olympics mean so much in my life. But already than I decided that I would go to Sochi at any price!
 I thought I would be 28 years ago.. Maybe I would have a family and children… I didn’t know how, but I must be there. And at the same time I understood that I want to be a volunteer because in this position I could not only see the Games, however to do one’s bit to very big event of our country life.
That decision had been made and after I continued to live my usual life.
  I tried to learn when would be started the company for choice the volunteers, but it was any information.
  Moreover, what was my surprise when one day by accident I read in the internet that the company of choice the volunteers would started that night! I understood that it was the sign!
  I decided to tender immediately! I sat at the midnight and full the registration forms in the internet. I felt that I was a bit crazy, but I wanted very much to go to Sochi.
  Volunteers would work in different ways: medicine, technology, transport, linguistic service, media, event service, accreditation, ceremonies.
  As creative personality, of course I chose the ceremonies!
  All Olympics what I have seen before I saw the opening and closing ceremonies with a keen interest! Now I received a possibility to assist these events! It was more than my dreams!
  Nevertheless, before I must be testing for my position. It were tree tests: two for my logic thinking, one for my English level and interview.
  In February of 2012 seamed that the most difficult for me would be English test. For successful testing, I must have the intermediate level of English. That time it seemed to me I couldn’t pass English test because I studied German at school and at university. My English level was between beginner and pre-intermediate. I started to find my teacher for fast studying English. The tests would be in June or July (we could not know it beforehand). Just then we met with Natalia Vladimirovna!  And we started to study English. Mainly we focused for spoken English. We had only one lesson per day, so I must do many tasks at home. Usually I’m a bit lazy. But than my dream made a wonder! I studied, studied and studied…
  The result didn’t wait! In June I have successfully passed the testing!!!
  It were colorful unforgettable full meeting and contacts three weeks!
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